The Media Industry as a Cultural Mirror in India and the United States

On my trip to India around Diwali 2013, I sat down with Indian screenwriter, director, and film critic Bikas Mishra over coffee in Mumbai.

Definitions of the term independent cinema in the West do not necessarily work for the Indian film industry. A conversation with screenwriter, director, and film critic Bikas Mishra brought me insight on mechanisms of film financing that promote international collaboration. Mishra is the founder of, an award nominated startup web platform that reports on […]

The Balkans: Perspectives on the Arts and Culture in Civil Society and Democracy Building

A bullet riddled building is seen before being repaired under a European Union reconstruction program in Mostar March 29, 2012. [Source:]

International cultural relations between the United States and the rest of the world are increasingly organized by the market and international firms as well as by nonprofit institutions, which has resulted in the perceived value of cultural diplomacy to diminish in the halls of Congress and several administrations.[1] The current lack of coherent, public-private, and […]

Volunteering with the Peace Corps: Opportunities for the Arts Community to Engage in Public Diplomacy

Sunny Widmann sits with the newly crowned chief of her host village (Ati-Atovou, Togo), Chief Akoussah in 2008.

The Peace Corps in the Larger Policy Landscape In his remarks at the University of Virginia on February 20th, 2013 Secretary of State, John Kerry explained, “Deploying diplomats today is much cheaper than deploying troops tomorrow. We need to remember that. As Senator Lindsey Graham said, ‘It’s national security insurance that we’re buying.’(…) The State […]

Help Us Welcome Our Fall Writing Fellow, Jeremie Gluckman!


We’re excited to introduce Jeremie Gluckman, our new writing fellow at Arts Diplomacy Network. Jeremie graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in May 2013 with a degree in urban planning, cultural studies, and international relations and awards in student leadership and political advocacy. His experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors have given him an in-depth understanding of […]

Fall ADN Writing Fellowship for Emerging Leaders

Following our mission to develop a vibrant community for international arts engagement, Arts Diplomacy Network is seeking new writing fellows to join our team. Our writing fellows are emerging leaders in the fields of cultural diplomacy, international relations, and civic arts engagement who are seeking exposure and arts writing mentorship in a structured environment. There is […]

“Aloha” Diplomacy in Brazil: Sharing Hawaii’s Compassionate Spirit

Keola, Moanalani and Jeff performing at the Teatro Paoil in Curitiba, Brazil. Photo Credit / Paul Rockower

What’s the greatest reward for being a cultural ambassador? According to Keola Beamer, it’s that moment when you see that you’ve truly touched someone and “you see this beautiful light in them. That’s what we do it for.”

Backyard Diplomacy: Los Angeles Comes Together through Grand Performances

GP_RJ Sakai-IMG_WatercourtStage

Many of LA’s cultural events cater to one community or another and attract a variety of people, but the audience is almost never truly representative of the city’s varied population. The consistent exception to the rule is Grand Performances, an organization that presents a series of free summer concerts in the heart of downtown LA. Brandon Turner talked with GP’s Director of Programming, Leigh Ann Hahn, about her challenges and aspirations for bringing Angelenos together.

The Closest Farthest Away: Collaborative Multimedia Art Connects Cuba and the U.S.

Using a combination of live theatre production and cinema, Sage Lewis’s work brings U.S. and Cuban artists and musicians together in the same space virtually when actual collaborations are difficult or impossible. The result is conversation-starting work that “breaks ground artistically, politically and technologically.”

An American Orchestra’s Trip to China, Part II

Been to China?

In this China series, I began with the premise that an American orchestra’s trip to China could make an impact on both the American musicians and the Chinese audiences they performed for. In Part II, I’d like to share with you some findings to bolster that claim and some interesting data shared from our traveling […]

Economic Impact of Arts Diplomacy? A Case for Data Collection on Creative Economies

We here at Arts Diplomacy Network sometimes feel like we’re standing at a border with one foot in the world of public diplomats—who rarely consider arts and culture truly relevant to their work—and the other in the land of arts practitioners and managers, who care deeply about civic engagement but don’t often have a firm grasp on how their work figures into efforts to improve international relations. But the two professions share some fundamental concerns.